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United Way

Hi folks,

I just wanted to clarify how you can help us during your United Way campaigns.

The official name for us is "Homeward Bound CSP, Inc."

You won't need a United Way number. They will send us the appropriate paperwork.

To everyone who has asked, thank you for your generosity! Two paws up!

Did You Know?

Every nine seconds an animal is euthanized in an American animal shelter.

Take the Pledge for Life!
Pledge for Life
From the authors of One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter

I care about animals.
I want to help bring about an end to the homeless animal tragedy.
I believe that the euthanasia of millions of animals in shelters every year
is an unacceptable solution to this tragedy .
And I understand that my actions have a direct effect,
and that my actions can create change.

I pledge to never cause an animal to be in an animal shelter.

I pledge...
...to understand the commitment of living with a companion animal.
...to be ready and willing to accept that commitment
before I bring an animal into my home and my family.
...to educate myself so that I can make a good match when choosing an animal,
and then to save a life by adopting a homeless animal
from a shelter, rescue group, or from the street.

...to protect my companions from becoming lost
by keeping them safely confined and wearing current
identification at all times.

...to not contribute to overpopulation,
by spaying and neutering my companion animals.

...to provide my companion animals with the basics of food and shelter and medical care,
and to provide them with the love and companionship they need to be happy.

...to include my companion animals as part of my family,
to socialize them so that they are comfortable in human society,
to train them so that they will be safe and be good citizens.

...to work through problems with my companions,
and to include them in my own life changes.

...to always demonstrate respectful, loving and responsible companion animal care
so that others may learn from my example and want to do the same.

I make this pledge to the animals, between them and me,
to the animals I know, and the ones I may never see,
to the animals in my home, and the ones in our shelters and on our streets,
to the animals here, and the ones yet to come.

I make this pledge to honor their love and companionship,
to acknowledge their intrinsic value,
to respect them as living beings
who carry the same precious spark of life that I myself do.

I understand that the solutions are in my hands.
I pledge to use those solutions, and in doing so,
to begin to create a community and a society that shows
compassion, love, and respect for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I make this pledge in love and hope.

TGIF! and some Hot Weather Tips

Happy Friday everyone from all of us at Shar Pei Rescue!

I just want to share some hot weather tips with everyone before you head off for the weekend.
Remember to have plenty of fresh cold water available at all times, for yourself and your pets.
If the pavement is too hot for your feet, then it's too hot for your dog's.
The sun is hottest between 10am and 4pm. Take a cue from from your dogs and have a nap!
Stay in the shade! If you can't find any, have a friend make some, like our boy Snoopy below.

Bonne weekend!

New Look Day Two!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the new look of California Shar Pei Rescue's website.
A major THANK YOU! to Nathalie Woot de Trixhe for her work in creating the design. She spent many an hour while the rest of us were sleeping (well she does live in Europe) creating the beautiful result you see here.
Another round of THANK YOUs to everyone who tried out the site and reported back with their comments. Glenn, Jan, Michele, Deanna, Anna Wan, Debbie, and everyone I missed were very helpful.
Anna and Rich can now get back to rescuing and caring for these wonderful dogs that we love and quit worrying about web stuff!

Did you know?

Did you know that you can designate California Shar Pei Rescue when you make your annual United Way contribution?

While we do not have a United Way number we are an eligible 501(c)(3) organization. Just write us in!
Please remember us next time your office campaign rolls around!
Thanks from all the wrinkly ones!


Welcome to our new and improved site! We hope you will find the format and navigation easier to use and enjoy!
More improvements will be coming so check back frequently!
In the meantime....view our dogs, adopt one, and enjoy!

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