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They call me Scrunchy-I canít imagine why! I originally came from SoCal where I was found in a postal service truck yard. How I got there, I have no idea. A nice family down there took me in and looked for a rescue to find me a home. In my first foster home, I got along great with their cats, in fact the cats were picking on me! I also get along with other dogs well. I can be standoffish with new people like others here at the rescue. I wish people could understand that we are products of our environments, and just like people we respond to love and kindness. I will still respond to that and can become your new best friend if you will give me a chance. I have been neutered and have had entropion surgery since my photo was taken. I really look forward to interviewing you to find out if you are the right match for me, but better yet to find out if we are the right match for each other!

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